Flower Arranging, Calligraphy, Incense Rituals & Tea Ceremonies

Japanese aesthetic standards are cultivated by daily, intellectual activities, such as the careful arrangement of seasonal flora, the stroke of a brush on paper, the emotional connection of scents or the moment-to-moment awareness of the Zen-inspired tea ceremony.

Geisha Culture

In the preserved “tea house” districts of Kanazawa, geisha entertain guests with drinking, dancing and games. Although evenings with geisha are usually by invitation only, certain geisha houses have opened their doors to visitors for special events.

Shamisen Practice

Originating on stage to accompany Joruri and Kabuki theatre in the Edo period, the shamisen, or sangen, is a Japanese three-stringed instrument played with a large plectrum. Learn how to hold the plectrum and play a traditional song at a shamisen-maker’s shop.


Worldwide, Zazen has become a popular form of secular meditation. Center your focus and concentrate your mind in a quiet and ancient temple.