Nendo Studio

ormerly a tatami straw mat shop, Nendo Studio spaciously hosts potter’s wheels, slabs and tables for the work of local pottery craftsmen in Kanazawa. Select your space and create original work under a master’s careful supervision or allow your hands to move freely for an entirely original work.

1. Guided course: A master potter will guide your original work step by step.

2. “Wandering Traveler” course (glazing): Select your choice of a pre-designed plate or cup for glazing. Clay-throwing for this course available upon request.

3. Small item course: Create a button, brooch, earring, chopstick rest, kimono belt ornament, etc.

4. “Clay-play” kids’ course: A course for young children to work freely with the clay.

Allow two months for baking and delivery. Please include delivery information when making your reservation.

  cost ages duration capacity
1) Guided ¥5000 12 100min 5
2) Wandering Traveler ¥5500
3) Small item ¥3000 3
4) Clay-play ¥4000
5-3 Zaimokucho, Kanazawa
10:00 am – 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday; open on public holidays
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